Super Ska – POW WOW


As a good mood provider, Super Ska is back to satisfy your desire of frantic dance thanks to the sound of an irresistibly energetic music. Overflowing with imagination, being much more generous than serious, the band is ready for anything to give you a bright, broad smile.


This double LP gathers the band’s twenty last new songs. All of them mix musical genres to wrong-foot the dancer. They prominently feature rolling rhythm lines, blissful tunes and funny solos.


This brand new record allows Super Ska to share one genuine and lively musical production, bringing about the ambition to give us a great amount of joy, love and humour. This 2xLP was recorded in live studio sessions. It delivers a raw music without artifice. All the madness and the spontaneity of the band’s live shows are captured in these generous recordings. Typically Super Ska’s trademark of sincerity.


  1. Surf Ska
  2. Blue Mooch
  3. Peaceful Hand
  4. Janvier
  5. Roquefort Rock
  6. Carribean Ska
  7. Super Skwing
  8. In A Soft Way
  9. Da Waltz
  10. Simplement
  11. Portrait of George Elvis
  12. Pow Wow
  13. Carpe Diem
  14. One Dollar Song
  15. Urs Ska
  16. Million Dollar Song
  17. Février
  18. Mac Fly
  19. Les Trois Boucs, part.2
  20. Abdel Nocturne
  • High Jinks Delegation
    One for the road
  • Laurent Vigneron & The Po' Boys
  • Kaba
  • Bernard Orchestar
    Le futur du passé